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Oman - our advices for your cruise

The mythical land of Sinbad the sailor, bathed in glorious sunshine throughout the year, Oman is the perfect destination to discover the wealth of the Arabian Peninsula.

Revealing extraordinary coastal scenery, and the fruits of the meeting of the sea and barren mountains, navigating Oman and the Gulf promises a journey punctuated with wonders.

Muscat, the capital preserved in charm and framed by the sea and mountains, is a harmonious blend of tradition and modernism.

When stopping over or before boarding your boat rental in Oman, don't miss out on a walk to the souk of Muttrah to admire the artisanal wealth of Oman whilst soaking up the authentic atmosphere of the East.

Also a must, the Sultan's Palace is an example of fascinating architecture, like the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque. Wandering through the Gulf of Oman, you will also be captured by the underwater beauty of the many diving spots you can explore, especially off the island of Fahal and the Bay of Bandar Al Khayran.

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