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Boat Hire in Tabarka

Tabarka is a coastal city in north-western Tunisia situated 175 kilometers from Tunis and a few kilometers from the Algerian-Tunisian border. Her name is etymologically of Berber origin and means "country of heather."

Attached to Jendouba Governorate, it is a municipality with 15,634 inhabitants in 2004. Populated by descendants of Kroumirs tribes, the city is the center of attraction of the villagers of Jebel Khemir, a small mountain range dotted with cork oaks. Its inhabitants are called today Tabarkois or sometimes Tabarquois. These terms are in opposition to that of Tabarquins which means Genoese present until the eighteenth century on the island of Tabarka (Tabarque).

It is a tourist town known for the activities of diving (fish seabed where fish for grouper and lobster is practiced) and coral used in jewelry. It also comes for its festivals including the famous Tabarka Jazz Festival. The city is dominated by a rock on which is built a Genoese fort.

Tabarka is served by an international airport located about fifteen kilometers east of the city.

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