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Rental of centre-board dinghy

The centre-board dinghy is a boat made for those who really enjoy sailing on the open seas, manoeuvering the sails and facing the vastness and the whims of the ocean alone. Renting this type of boat can be a way to learn coastal sailling or to conquer the sea.

A small sailing boat for coastal sailing

A centre-board dinghy is a mono-hull sailing boat with a retractable daggerboard, limiting the surface of friction in the water and increasing the speed of the boat. There are two types of models, namely, centre-board dinghy without ballast and centre-board dinghy with ballast. Sailing is made easier, as the boat is particularly manoeuverable. This boat is suitable for an outing as a couple. The interior space is only suitable for a maximum of 4 people, and ideally for 2 people. A centre-board dinghy rental gives novice boaters the chance to learn about coastal sailing. All you need to do is to take a training course and put it into practice.

A boat made for adventure lovers

The handling and safety of the centre-board dinghy are guaranteed by the lead ballast embedded in the polyester and the pivoting daggerboard. The centre-board dinghy can hold the sea without difficulty as evidenced by the feat of a Frenchman who made a non-stop transatlantic crossing from France in 2010. This kind of boat is made for those who love to sail on the open sea. We have all been affected by the television accounts of new records set by solo sailors, showing their expeditions on-board a small one-cabin vessel. You too can experience the same sense of freedom!

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