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Rental of trimaran

A trimaran is a fast boat with a low risk of capsizing, which makes it particularly popular with ocean racing enthusiasts. Renting this type of vessel requires a certain amount of know-how and experience, but those who steer them have the chance to have a unique experience.

A sailing boat designed above all for racing

A trimaran is a sailing boat with three hulls: two floats placed on either side of a larger central hull. This type of boat is suitable for pleasure boating, but is predestined above all for sailing boat racing. Compared to a catamaran, it has a lower risk of capsizing when the waves break in a storm. Its increased speed is also noticeable when there is sufficient wind resistance. The habitability is, for its part, rather relative since only the central hull is fitted out. It is rarer to find a sporty trimaran rental because of the small number of models built.

Rent a trimaran: models specially designed for pleasure sailing

Although it is difficult to find a racing trimaran for rent, there is now a wide selection of models for pleasure sailing. The latter have a large cabin and comfortable beds. The three hulls ensure increased stability and allow you to enjoy the pleasures of lazing around on the open sea, as well as at anchor. The large size of the trimaran also makes it possible to envisage a stay in large groups. Some models can accommodate more than 10 people.

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