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Asinara island: the pearl of the north-west coast of Sardinia

Located at the north-western end of Sardinia, Asinara island is a corner of paradise where you can spend a relaxing and peaceful holiday. On Asinara island in Sardinia, nature has taken over and the landscapes beaten by the wind and sea water have remained intact and have been placed under special protection. The reason why Asinara has remained preserved and uninhabited? It is pretty simple! Until the last century on the island there was a maximum security prison that can be considered a sort of second Alcatraz. At the beginning of the new century the whole island was declared Asinara National Park and today it has become a popular destination for nature lovers who will appreciate the variety of wild landscapes and meet the albino white donkey, symbol of the island's identity, as well as other animal species that live in the park. Asinara Island is a perfect destination to discover by renting a boat in Sardinia: only in this way you can appreciate the endless bays and hidden coves and discover places that are a paradise for snorkelers and yachtsmen. From here you can also set sail for Stintino and La Pelosa, where you will find some of the most beautiful beaches in Sardinia, or discover another treasure of Sardinia, the island of La Maddalena.


Asinara National Park

Considered one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean, the island of Asinara in Sardinia is uninhabited and is the perfect place for those who are looking for peace and quietness. Set sail to Asinara island with the boat rental in Stintino and discover the most hidden corners of this island that boasts 110 km of coastline. Every corner of this timeless place is part of the Asinara National Park, a protected place that you can explore by walk, along one of the various paths that cross it, by mountain bike or riding a horse, but also with guided tours. The fauna and flora on this island deserve special attention. You will also find the albino white donkey, a unique specimen that has been living in the wild on the island for an unspecified time. On the island you can also visit the Castle of Asinara, a medieval castle made of granite and now ruined inside, and also some sections of the former prison. Sailing you can access the Marine Protected Area, with sailing only, not motorboating, and moor at one of the many buoy fields. Renting a boat in Italy is the best solution to discover the sea of Asinara, which will leave speechless diving lovers but also lovers of the sea. In fact, the marine area was established to protect its biodiversity and the many rare species that inhabit the coast. If you are lucky you can also make unexpected meetings with dolphins.

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The beaches of Asinara

The water that bathes the coasts of Asinara national park in Sardinia has all the shades of turquoise and will surprise you for its clarity. However, the headlands are high and the beaches where to stop are not many, but will leave you speechless for their beauty. In fact, they are among the most beautiful beaches on the north-west coast of Sardinia.

  • Cala Sabina: this is the most famous beach on the island of Asinara. Here you will find a beach of clear and fine sand and beautiful backdrops framed by the Mediterranean vegetation of the park.

  • Cala d'Arena: this beach is located in the northern part of Asinara island and is characterized by pink sand and is located in an area that is closed to visitors.

  • Cala Sant'Andrea: this beach is visible only from the sea and so it will be a surprise to discover it during your cruise. Cala Sant'Andrea is set between the granite and is located in a protected area where visitors do not have access. In fact, you can visit this beach only if accompanied by park tour guides.

asinara island sardinia

If you are looking for the most beautiful beaches in Sardinia, Asinara island will not disappoint you. Crystal clear waters, pristine beaches, wild nature and breathtaking landscapes: Asinara island in Sardinia has all the credentials to be the perfect destination for your holiday on boat. What are you waiting for? Sail with the boat rental in Sardinia and get ready to discover a new corner of paradise!

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