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Why not discover Southern Corsica?

Why not discover Southern Corsica? For Europeans, what could be better than sailing in the Mediterranean? Between thousands of kilometres of coastline and dozens of islands, the "Island of Beauty" remains an unbeatable place. The rural areas of Corsica are magnificent and authentic. Valleys and mountains, small squares in the middle of the villages, slow life, meeting the inhabitants, the undergrowth, a river to cool off during the excursions. Southern Corsica is an ideal destination for lovers of open spaces and authenticity.

The treasures of southern Corsica

With boat hire in Corsica you can start your holiday with a few days of hiking along one of the paths that cross the island. For example, "le Mare à Mare", which starts from Porto Vecchio, the ideal starting point for the rental of a boat in Propriano to cross Corsica from east to west or vice versa, stopping off at Ospedale, Zonza and the Aiguilles de Bavella, Levie, Quenza and Fozzano. 

To complete this "green holiday", there is nothing better than renting a boat in Southern Corsica, since you are so close to Porto Vecchio, Bonifacio or Propriano. From a "green holiday", you can move on to a "blue holiday" with green landscapes and beaches of fine white sand on the background.

If you hire a boat in Corsica, starting from Propriano you can choose between the coves and beaches of the Southern coast or you can continue further north to discover its coves and beaches. 

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Renting a boat in Propriano will allow you to spend a holiday in which you can combine sport and relax even in summer. After mooring near Capo Capomorro, you will continue your navigation to Tizzano, then you will be alone or almost alone along the beach of Murtoli where you can moor. No one will bother you if you want to set foot on its long white sandy beach accessible only to guests of the Hotel des Fermes de Murtoli or to yachtsmen. 


You can continue your cruise south, stopping at Roccapina, a magnificent fine sandy beach with its Genoese tower and granite lion. Further on, if you don't find a place to rent a boat at the port of Bonifacio, you can head to the quiet and charming port of Pianottoli in the bay of Figari, just three kilometres from the small airport of Figari, which is convenient if you have passengers in transit. From there, you can easily visit Bonifacio (by bus or taxi), the legendary port of the "mouths", but also its high town with its pedestrian streets, its restaurants and you can visit its cliff and its vertiginous staircase from which you can enjoy an incredible view of the islands of Lavezzi and see Sardinia in the distance. This is a wonderful overview of the possible stops to continue the cruise that you can make by renting a boat in Corsica. In fact, the islands of Lavezzi are a magnificent stop and if you have time, you can sail to Sardinia or sail along Corsica and Punta dello Sperone and the island of Cavallo. 

islands of lavezzi southern corsica

In summer there is no need to go to the most remote places in the world! Renting a boat in Southern Corsica will give you the opportunity to relax in the Mediterranean and enjoy this island that deserves the nickname of "Island of Beauty".

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