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The Sinis Peninsula, the wildest side of Sardinia

Far from the glamour and luxury of the Costa Smeralda you will find the Sinis peninsula, one of the most unspoilt places to discover with boat rental Sardinia, and which extends on the west coast of the island, from Capo Mannu to Capo San Marco. Different souls can coexist in Sardinia, making it a destination suitable for the interests of all types of visitors. Kilometres of fine, white beaches, sunsets of fire, uncontaminated vegetation that grows freely on a coast where human intervention is almost completely absent: these are the main ingredients of Sinis, in whose territory are the most humid areas of the island, habitat of flocks of rare birds, including pink flamingos. The Sinis peninsula, defined by the European Commission as a "tourist destination of excellence", is the ideal destination for the ones who love wild nature, sea and archaeology, thanks to the presence of many important historical sites.


The variety of nature in the Sinis Peninsula

The Sinis peninsula is a very varied area in which the inlets of the sea, the lagoon areas and the brackish and freshwater ponds alternate. It is a paradise for lovers of long beaches and unspoiled nature thanks to the presence of a rich fauna, and the best way to visit this area is to rent a boat in Sardinia. In fact, with the boat rental in Bosa you can sail at your own pace and you can easily reach Sinis discovering the lesser-known beaches. No doubt in the peninsula of Sinis it will be impossible to find crowded beaches and indeed, you will often think you are the only ones on the beach where you landed.

Among the many beaches to discover we recommend the beach of San Giovanni di Sinis: about four kilometers of beach characterized by white and fine sand, once famous for the shacks that fishermen made with local materials and wood. Today there are only a few examples of these buildings, among the few on the coast, along with the nuraghi. In fact, unlike other areas, the Sinis peninsula is characterized by the absence of buildings near the sea, whether hotels or private residences, making it an unspoiled area.

Do not miss also Is Aruttas and Mari Ermi, beautiful beaches characterized by grains of quartz, and Capo Mannu, one of the favorite destinations for surfers throughout the Mediterranean. On the other hand, if you love a calmer and more tranquil atmosphere, Sa Mesa Longa is a beach sheltered from the wind, whose shape resembles the one of a large shallow swimming pool. Not far from Capo Mannu you will find Cala Salini, with the Saline and the famous beach of Putzu Idu.

It should also be noted that the Sinis peninsula together with the island of Mal di Ventre, one of the lesser known islands to be discovered by boat, and the small Catalan Rock, are part of a Marine Protected Area, set up to protect nature and the cultural heritage of the territory. 

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Land of historical testimonies and nuraghi

In the past, Sardinia has been a crossroads of people and cultures that left various artistic and historical evidence. Probably the best known is the nuraghe, a cone-shaped dwelling-fortress built of blocks of stone and dating back to prehistoric times, as well as a symbol of Sardinia. In the area of Cabras itself there are 75 nuraghi which testify the great development that characterized this area in the past. In the territory between San Giovanni di Sinis, Tharros, Capo San Marco and Mare Morto you can find various testimonies of this kind. Do not miss to visit the early Christian church of San Giovanni in Sinis which is located in the village that has the same name and it is very close to the beach.

Other unmissable archaeological excavations are those of Tharros, which is part of the municipality of Cabras, founded at the end of the eighth century BC and then abandoned. In this settlement overlooking the sea over two thousand years of historical evidence have stratified and they attest the passage of Phoenicians, Romans and Byzantines.

History lovers will also appreciate the Civic Museum of Cabras where you can admire the Giants of Monte Prama, magnificent stone statues dating back to the age of the nuraghi.

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In the Sinis Peninsula tourism and nature have always coexisted in harmony and have created an ideal destination for those ones looking for peace and contact with the most unspoilt atmospheres. Do not wait any longer and rent a boat in Sardinia to discover this little corner of paradise in the Mediterranean!

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