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Martigues : What is your kind of boat?

Martigues - our advices for your cruise

Martigues is a pearl in a thankless case. But a gem, quiet, clean, historic, gastronomic. And the door of the Etang de Berre.
Martigues is reached at the channel output Caronte and land in one of seven ports of Martigues offering a total of 1,500 seats afloat.
Of the seven, the most beautiful are those of Ferrieres Mirror Bird, Canal Saint Sebastian or Berre lagoon side of Joncquières. Once docked, you'll forget industry, traffic, noise and fine fragrances around to find yourself in a haven of calm, clean and rich history, vibrant all summer but flons-flons nuisance who received the label Station Tourist Seaside.
Another bonus Martigues is to be opened on the Etang de Berre, a magnificent playground for boating, sailing in particular.
A good gust of wind without waves, what fun!

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