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porto cervo sardinia

A cruise in the Mediterranean with yacht charter in Sardinia


With over 1,800 kilometres of coastline alternating between long sandy beaches, and hidden coves and a mild Mediterranean climate for most of the year, Sardinia is the ideal destination for a boat cruise. If you love comfort and you are looking for a holiday where you can not miss any comfort on board, with yacht charter in Sardinia you can plan your dream-holiday. In fact, what could be better than discovering the beauty of this island while enjoying the pleasures that only yacht charter in Sardinia can offer? Lovers of luxury, fashion and nightlife will choose Costa Smeralda and can choose as base Porto Rotondo and Porto Cervo. Lovers of unspoilt nature will be spoiled for choice because Sardinia is a region where nature has been preserved and protected thanks to the presence of numerous national and regional nature parks.


A yacht cruise in Sardinia

Sardinia offers an incredible variety of landscapes, from mountains to dunes, from jagged and rocky coasts to long beaches of fine and clear sand. Indeed the best way to discover the coasts of this region is to hire a boat in Sardinia. Wild, varied and ancient, but at the same time exclusive, Sardinia has always been a destination for luxury travel. With yacht charter in Sardinia you will spend an unforgettable and unique holiday, sailing through its beautiful coves. Sardinia is a destination that has different offers to all types of travelers, from yachtsmen always looking for the wind, to the ones who love water sports, nature and biodiversity. On your yacht charter you can set sail for unique destinations and choose the best moorings to enjoy a relaxing holiday. If you opt for yacht charter in Sardinia you can enjoy all the comforts that you can have on the mainland and many more! If you don't have a boat license or you want to enjoy your cruise in complete relax, there is no problem! The solution for you is yacht charter with skipper in Sardinia. You can also discover the vast archaeological heritage that Sardinia holds, including nuraghi, fortresses and museums.  

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Charter yacht in Sardinia: which area to choose?

Sardinia has an incredible variety of landscapes and you will have to choose an area and a route for your cruise, so you can also decide from which port to set sail with your yacht charter. If you love islands, staying in the northern part of the island you can sail to Asinara, located on the northwestern coast of the region, or moving north-east you will find La Maddalena archipelago, which takes its name from its largest island and consists of about 60 islands and islets. Hiring a boat in Porto Rotondo, always staying in the north, a stop in Costa Smeralda is a must during your yacht cruise in Sardinia. Stop in Porto Cervo and Porto Rotondo where you will find luxury restaurants, fashion boutiques and lots of nightclubs where you can dance until dawn and enjoy a breathtaking view of the sea. Sea lovers will find on the northern coast some of the most popular beaches, including Golfo Aranci, Piscine and Cala Brandinchi, just to name a few of the most beautiful beaches on the north-eastern coast of Sardinia. When hiring a boat in Cagliari you can discover the wildest side of Sardinia and sail to the most beautiful beaches of southern Sardinia. For the more adventurous and for those who are looking for complete tranquility, we recommend instead to set sail to the islands near Sardinia that can only be discovered by renting a boat. Also in this case you will be spoilt for choice and you will have the opportunity to discover places almost completely uninhabited and deserted beaches surrounded by unspoiled nature.

porto cervo sardinia

Don't wait any longer then and start planning your next yacht charter cruise in Sardinia! It will be an unforgettable experience that will allow you to relax and enjoy all the comforts of a holiday like this and at the same time discover the wonders of this land, even the most hidden ones.

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