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Home Magazine The natural parks of Sardinia, nature at its purest form

The natural parks of Sardinia, nature at its purest form


In Sardinia, the natural heritage is varied and rich and in recent years efforts have grown to enhance and preserve it thanks to great development of ecological and environmental awareness. There are two national parks in the northern part of Sardinia, the Asinara National Park and La Maddalena National Park, and in total they cover an area of about 25,000 hectares. Moving south, on the east coast of the island, you will find National Park of the Gulf of Orosei and Gennargentu, an area that covers approximately 74,000 hectares. In addition, there are four other regional nature parks that you can discover by renting a boat in Sardinia. Sardinia's natural parks represent the true soul of this island, known above all for the beauty of its beaches and sea. These parks are the ideal destination not only for nature lovers, but also for those looking for a holiday to recharge their batteries. What could be better than immersing yourself in the uncontaminated landscapes offered by Sardinia natural parks and enjoying the regenerating power of nature?


Asinara National Park

This is the smallest park and includes an entire island, the island of Asinara, one of the pearls of the Mediterranean. The best way to explore this park, which covers both the sea and the island, is hiring a sailboat in Stintino. If you care about the environment, the ideal choice is to organize a sailing holiday, one of the most sustainable solutions, and discover the park by boat and by walk. Asinara Island Park will amaze you with its wild and unspoilt nature. One of the special features is the presence in the park of the white donkey. They live in the wild and they are the symbol of the island. It will not be difficult to meet mouflons, wild boars and horses and a wide variety of birds, which is why Sardinia is a paradise for birdwatchers. Sailing on board your boat you can also discover many hidden coves and bathe in the turquoise waters of the sea, also protected thanks to the establishment of the marine area that since 2002 protects biodiversity.

Asinara National Park

La Maddalena National Park

It is the only national park in Italy whose territory covers exactly the territory of a municipality and it was the first in Sardinia, established in 1994 to protect one of the most pristine environments in the Mediterranean. It also extends both over land and sea and includes about 180 kilometers of coastline and 60 islands. Among the most famous islands you will find Budelli, Caprera, Spargi, Santo Stefano and the Island of La Maddalena itself, a corner of paradise to discover by renting a boat in La Maddalena. During your cruise you will see an infinite number of inlets, perfect for mooring and landing, and small coves and bays. Snorkeling lovers will not be disappointed, especially if they decide to dive in the shoals of Spargiotello and Washington, the grotto of San Francesco and Punta Coticcio. The variety of the environment will blow your mind: from the dunes surrounded by the typical Mediterranean scrub to the woods of holm oak and temporary ponds.

spargi sardinia

Gulf of Orosei and Gennargentu National Park

For locals, you can discover the real and authentic Sardinia in the countryside, and in particular in the region of Gennargentu, which offers a landscape as unspoiled as possible, remained almost completely untouched and not involved in mass tourism. The park also includes the surrounding sea area, but if you want to leave your boat for a few hours and enter the heart of the wildest Sardinia, in Gennargentu you will find canyons, waterfalls, caves, coves and rocks overlooking the sea, to be discovered by trekking or even cycling in mountain bike. Along these routes you can discover breathtaking landscapes and get to know the region of Ogliastra and the Gulf of Orosei, other places you can discover with the boat hire in Porto Rotondo.

natural parks sardinia

Regional parks 

In addition to the three national parks, in Sardinia there are four regional parks located in four different areas. They worth a visit for the immense landscapes and they are all different. The Park of Porto Conte is located in the north-west of the island and is the ideal destination to visit by renting a boat in Alghero. Here you will find species of animals of community importance and a set of landscapes unique in Europe and you can enjoy at the same time the clearest waters of the coast on which the park overlooks. The Gutturu Mannu Park, located in the south of the island, is the ideal place to take long walks among lentisk, olive, holm oak and cork trees. The Park of Tepilora, located between Barbagia and Baronia, in the central-eastern part of Sardinia, was established in 2014 and is one of the greenest areas of the island. Last but not least, the Park of Molentargius - Salina, a short distance from the regional capital, is a place that will amaze you and that you can discover with the boat rental in Cagliari. It is an oasis of peace inhabited by pink flamingos - in the past it was Sardinian richer basin for extracting sea salt - where you can walk in nature while remaining a few steps from the city.

natural parks sardinia

Let yourself be enchanted by the natural parks of Sardinia during your next cruise in Sardinia. If you opt to hire a boat in Sardinia you will discover that this island has natural treasures that man decided to preserve and protect.

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