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The island of Porquerolles, the largest of the archipelago of Iles d'Hyères is now a tourist mecca, attended by hundreds of thousands of visitors attracted by its beaches, landscapes, vegetation, the Botanical Conservatory, strengths by thousands of boaters because of its harbor and its many moorings, as well as a number of more and more fishermen, divers, hikers ...

Over 80% of Porquerolles is owned by the state since 1971 and the management of this space is given to the National Park of Port Cros. This status is changing: the greater part of the island will be "Heart of the Park" therefore an integral part of the National Park of Port Cros and the village, private property, agricultural areas will become "of area accession. "

The island is crisscrossed by more than 100 kilometers of roads, tracks and trails that show most often traced to ancient roads built between the 16th and 19th century. This is the heritage and history of the island that we invite you to discover, through the study of ancient maps, historical data, text, photos and geographers, guidebooks 19th and 20th century and, of course, for hiking in the island.

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