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Leghorn (Livorno in Italian) is a city in Italy, located in Tuscany, about 160 000 inhabitants and an important port for ferries to Corsica and Sardinia.

Livorno was at its originally a small fishing village on the Tyrrhenian coast, in a small natural bay , a few kilometers south of the mouth of the Arno and the city of Pisa. While his sisters Tuscan , Florence , Lucca and Pisa knew a big artistic activity , cultural and commercial , Livorno remains on the margins of history.

The event that will change final and irreversible destiny of the small village of Livorno, is the natural and gradual silting up of the single outlet to the sea possessed by the Republic of Pisa , the ancient " Port Pisano ", already known Etruscans and Romans. Pisa has been forced to find an alternative solution to allow the continuation of maritime traffic and its trade. It is on the small village of Livorno, which was fortified and equipped, the Republic of Pisa his sights . The early fourteenth century , a lighthouse (called " Fanale it ") was built and by the end of the same century , a fortified enclosure was built around the city.

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