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Schooner Rental


Admired for its elegance and velocity, the schooner is a sailing boat that fascinates all sailors, especially boaters who are adept at sailing cruises. This boat, which can be operated with a reduced crew, generally has two masts: the main mast and, in front of it, the foremast which, in addition to carrying fore-and-aft sails, is also shorter. Don't wait any longer and succumb to charter of a schooner, discover the art ofsustainable tourism and enjoy a memorable sailing experience on-board a mythical boat. 


The magic of a trip on-board a schooner rental


Cruise passengers dreaming of an experience similar to those enjoyed by the great fishermen of yesteryear are therefore well advised to choose schooner rental for their next holiday. Whether in the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, or the Pacific Ocean, a trip aboard a vessel of this type offers incomparable sensations. Moreover, because of its traditional sailing boat character, a trip on-board this boat is a genuine tribute to marine navigation, a moment of poetic communion between the boaters and the sea.


Three-masted schooner
Three-masted schooner


Note that since the 18th century, the schooner was commonly used for cod fishing in the vicinity of Greenland, Iceland and Newfoundland. It then underwent several successive improvements until its golden age in the second half of the 19th century.


A guarantee in terms of comfort and safety


Powered by sails, the schooner is perfect for boaters who enjoy quiet and relaxing trips. Particularly spacious, the schooner offers you more privacy. The charter of a schooner usually comes with a full crew. A team of experienced and qualified professionals (captain, cook, hostess and deckhand) who will ensure your comfort and safety throughout your cruise.

Replicas of ancient Turkish merchant ships, schooners are generally equipped with two masts and offer very comfortable sailing. Usually sailing in the warm waters of the Mediterranean, the schooner can reach 35 metres and promises a romantic cruise. Its wide stern and spacious deck offer many possibilities to couples and families who will enjoy sunbathing, or copious meals outside at anchor.


A pleasant and convivial life on-board 


Rental of a schooner will also enable you to enjoy maximum comfort. Designed to accommodate up to 20 passengers, the schooners have 4 to 10 cabins on the main deck. Each one also has a bathroom and a separate toilet. The choice of wood panelling immerses you in traditional and charming decor. The schooner feels like home with its comfortable cabins, wide hallways and high ceilings. It holds all the cards to seduce the most demanding passengers in terms of space and comfort.


On-board a schooner
On-board a schooner


The fully equipped kitchenette immediately immerses you in a cottage atmosphere. There is also a bar on-board where you can enjoy a drink while admiring the view. Rental of a schooner also allows you to enjoy many shaded rest areas outside.


A traditional boat, updated


Of Turkish origin, the schooner has been refitted to offer the best in comfort and safety to sailing enthusiasts. Although they vary in size, schooners generally have cabins, a lounge area and a deck with a solarium where you can eat or sunbathe.

Now equipped with a modern navigation system, these days the schooner uses the power of an engine and sails to sail. The risks of becoming seasick are therefore minimal by favouring rental of a schooner. It is nevertheless possible to sail with all sails out when the weather conditions are good. Its cruising speed varies between 8 and 12 knots depending on the sails.


Schooners of all sizes, for all desires


There are indeed schooners of all sizes, to meet all desires. Are you dreaming of exploring the Mediterranean with your family or friends in complete privacy? Make your choice with the charter of a very high-end schooner. Not exceeding 45 metres, they generally have 4 to 5 passenger cabins. By choosing the rental of a prestigious schooner, you will discover the pleasures of luxury sailing with its VIP cabins and jacuzzi on the upper deck.

The choice of a schooner also allows you to rent a single cabin and share your cruise in good company. Whatever your choice, you will be able to chart your own itinerary, according to your desires and your cruising objectives.


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