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egadi islands

Egadi Islands, an oasis of peace in the Mediterranean

Located a few nautical miles from the west coast of Sicily, between Trapani and Marsala, Egadi Islands are the ideal destination for a holiday of relax and immersion in nature. Not so popular as the Aeolian Islands, Egadi Islands actually have nothing to envy to the seven "older sisters" located off the coast of Messina. The best way to discover all the Egadi islands, islets and rocks, or at least the three main ones, is to hire a boat in Sicily. Only in this way you can explore the infinite number of coves and bays bathed by the turquoise and crystal clear water of the Mediterranean and the beautiful seabed. The entire archipelago is included in the protected area of the Egadi Islands Marine Nature Reserve, thanks to its flora and fauna. These islands, not yet affected by the excesses of destructive mass tourism, are considered by many a small corner of paradise that deserves to be visited at least once in a lifetime.


Favignana, Levanzo and Marettimo

Favignana, with its shape that resembles a large butterfly, is the main island and also the most popular, so especially during the summer season the number of tourists who visit even just for a day trip increases. However, hiring a boat in Marsala, which is about nine nautical miles away, you can easily overcome this problem and enjoy the pleasures of sailing in peace. The name of the island comes from the Latin "favonius", favonio, the word with which the ancient Romans called the warm wind coming from the west. First of all we recommend you to visit the town of Favignana, with its typical whitewashed houses and blue windows, the former Tonnara, the Norman castle of Santa Caterina and Villa Florio. The most spectacular part of Favignana are still the beaches, considered among the most beautiful in Italy. Among the mandatory stops we recommend the beach of Bue Marino, Cala Azzurra, Cala Rossa, Grotta Perciata and Calamoni.  

Levanzo, the smallest of the three main islands of the archipelago, can be easily reached by hiring a boat in Trapani, and is also the most picturesque thanks to the characteristic fishing village and marina. In Levanzo there are no cars, apart from a short stretch of paved road, and this has allowed to preserve its original soul and make it particularly interesting in the eyes of those who care about the environment. With your boat rental discover Cala Minnola, one of the most pristine beaches, and Cala Fredda, a pebble beach. 

Finally, hiring a boat in Favignana you can visit Marettimo, which is the most wooded and the most geographically distant of all the Egadi islands and also the least fashionable. Many tourists arrive in a day from Favignana, but in reality Marettimo deserves much more time for a visit and hiring a sailboat in Sicily you can walk along its path and discover the many natural caves and coves emerged and submerged. According to a much discussed legend, Marettimo could coincide with Ithaca, the home of Ulysses. For this reason it is said that once you find this island, you will have found yourself. 

favignana egadi islands

The smaller islands of the Egadi Islands archipelago

Considered the fourth island of the Egadi, in reality the island of Formica is a private property of an association, and is in effect a big rock that you can reach with the boat hire in San Vito Lo Capo. The island, inhabited over the centuries by Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Greeks, Italics, Romans, Arabs and Normans, and finally by the Sicilians, who built a tuna fishery, now abandoned, will give fantastic surprises to lovers of diving because in its waters there are ancient remains. 

The island of Maraone is a strip of land, just over 600 meters long, surrounded by crystal clear sea, as well as the other smaller islands of Stagnone, Galera, Galeotta, Preveto and Faraglione. These are mostly strips of land or large rocks, which you can circumnavigate with your boat rental in Sicily.

Finally, remember that visiting the Egadi Islands also the gastronomy is an important aspect of the holiday: you can not help but taste the many specialties based on fish, in particular tuna, shellfish, roe used to dress the pasta, vegetables produced locally, cheeses and dishes of Arab influence such as couscous.

levanzo egadi islands

Set sail for a boat cruise in Sicily to discover this wild corner of the Mediterranean where the sea is enchanting and silence, nature and wind reign. The uncontaminated nature, the tranquillity of the small seaside villages, the hidden caves to discover while sailing: Egadi islands will not disappoint you and they will immediately be in the list of your favourite destinations.

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