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The Island of Favignana is the main island of the archipelago of the Egadi Islands. It is approximately 7 kilometers from the west coast of Sicily, between Trapani and Marsala, face dello Stagione Islands which lie about them face to Trapani International Airport. It is attached administratively to the municipality of Favignana and the Province of Trapani as the other islands of the archipelago.

The island has an area of ''19 km ² and 33 km of coastal development cut very rich in cavities and caves.

In ancient times, the island was named Auegusa (in Greek) or Aegusa (Latin) which means "Goat Island" because of their abundance on the island at that time. The island was also known by other names such as Aponiana, Katria, Gilia and was cited by many authors such as Pliny and Polybius. Arab geographers, it is known under the name of Djazirat'ar Rahib. The painter Salvatore Fiume defines it as "a butterfly on the sea" because of its characteristic configuration.

The current name derives from Favignana Favonio, a hot wind from the west and that gives it a very mild climate. The island is crossed from north to south by a mountain ridge with a maximum altitude rises to 314 meters (Monte Caterina Duomo). The other two peaks are La Punta della Campana (296 meters) and Punta Grossa (252 meters).

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