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The most beautiful villages you should not miss in Sardinia


Long beaches with fine, clear sand bathed by the turquoise waters of the sea, the Mediterranean scrub surrounding the bays, a perfect climate throughout the year. When you think of Sardinia these are usually the first characteristics that come to your mind, but in reality this island boasts a deep historical and cultural heritage and traditions that have been handed down over the centuries. In particular, Sardinia is rich in authentic and characteristic villages, not only in the countryside, but also on the coast. Renting a boat in Sardinia you can discover the most beautiful villages that have been influenced by various people who settled on the island. In addition, visiting the villages of Sardinia will be an excellent opportunity to taste the products of local gastronomy. You will fall in love with this land not only thanks to the beauty of its coasts and the sea, but also getting to know the most beautiful villages in Sardinia and its inhabitants who are the guardians of ancient and precious traditions. 


Bosa, between the sea and the river

Founded by the Phoenicians and then dominated by the Catalans and the Spanish, Bosa is a small village on the west coast of the island, located in the province of Oristano, halfway between the sea and the river Temo, the only navigable river in Sardinia. You can spot two parts of the village: Bosa marina that overlooks the sea, with its one-kilometre-long beach, which every year is awarded the 5 blue sails of Legambiente for its clean waters, and the village of Bosa on the river. Do not miss is the historic district of Sa Costa with its colourful houses perched on the hill of Serravalle and overlooked from above by the castle of the Malaspina family. Walk along the Lungotemo and stop by one of the tanneries that still witness an ancient tradition that still exists. Finally, you cannot help tasting S'azzada, a typical lobster soup. 

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Castelsardo, between sea and archaeology

Overlooking the Gulf of Asinara, in the north of Sardinia, Castelsardo is included in the circuit of the most beautiful villages of Italy and it is worth a visit by renting a boat in Stinitino. The historical center of the village still has the original structure that dates back to the founding period, or about a millennium ago. You can not miss the castle and the ancient walls, but especially get lost in the maze of streets and alleys that arethe center of the village. The fortress dates back to 1102 and was founded by the Doria, the famous Ligurian dynasty, then passed under Austrian, Aragonese and Spanish rule. Here life is still as quiet as it used to be: stop by the port to watch the fishermen repairing the nets and the women weaving the baskets, a tradition that is shown in the Museum of the Mediterranean Weave. Gourmet lovers will have to try the Castellanese lobster in one of the many restaurants in the village. From here you can also set sail for the island of Asinara, one of the pearls of the Mediterranean.


Posada, the medieval village

Located a few kilometers from the sea, Posada is a village in the province of Nuoro located in the historic region of Baronia, in the north-east of Sardinia. Once a Carthaginian colony, called Feronia, it has always been a place of exchange. This medieval village is perched on a hill above the Castello della Fava, from which you can admire a wonderful view of the sea and the surrounding landscape. Visit Castello della Fava, a fortification built in the twelfth century that was home first to the judges of Gallura and then passed under the Pisans and Aragonese. Get lost in the maze of alleys and stairways in the historic center.

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Carloforte, the village with the Ligurian atmosphere

Founded in the 18th century by fishermen from Liguria who had moved to the Tunisian island of Tabarka in the 16th century, Carloforte is a particular town where you can breathe the typical atmosphere of a Ligurian seaside village with influences from the Arab world. The village, which is located at the south-western end of the island, is a Ligurian enclave in Sardinia. Even today the culture and language of the founders are preserved and even the gastronomy is affected by these contaminations. The streets and alleys between the colorful houses, those made of stone and those whitewashed, will fascinate you. Don't miss the early 20th century Palassiu, the ancient walls and the church of the Madonna del naufrago and don't forget to taste the famous couscous of Tunisian origin and the various dishes based on pesto and tuna in which you can clearly recognise the Ligurian origin. When renting a boat in Carloforte you can also sail to the west coast of the island and discover the peninsula of Sinis, or explore the most beautiful beaches of southern Sardinia. 

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