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Thasos or Thassos or, is a mountainous island in the Greek archipelago, 8 km from the mainland and Thrace west of the island of Samothrace, which establishes a colony of Paros in 680 BC. AD

Thasos (398 km2, 80 km circumference) is the largest island in the northern Aegean Sea. The island is divided to two thirds by a large mountain oriented northwest-southeast, the Hypsarion, five summits over 1,000 m above sea level, between two areas with very different characters: the compartmented terrain third northeast, where traffic is difficult and narrow plains, thus opposes southwest to broader and easy Access1 coastal plains.

The basement of the island consists mainly of green-gray gneiss and marble, widely exploited and exported in antiquity. Deposits of gold, copper, iron and lead ore have been mined since ancient times.

Well supplied with water and favored by a relatively temperate climate (Mediterranean climate Balkan trend), Thasos is covered with forests: oak, pine, chestnut, Judas trees, Oriental plane trees, plants of the maquis. In ancient times, wood was one of the main resources of the island, forests are rare in Greece.

Coastal plains are cultivated olives. The vine, the wine was widely exported once famous, has virtually disappeared.

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