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Chalkidiki and North of the Aegean Sea : What is your kind of boat?

Chalkidiki and North of the Aegean Sea - Our advice for your cruise

A few kilometers from Thessaloniki are the Chalkidiki peninsula, boasting some of the best beaches in the country
This little paradise of pines and water clearly defined, picturesque bays and olive trees, is the birthplace of Aristotle, the great philosopher.

The Aegean Sea is an inland sea of the Mediterranean, between Europe and Asia. It extends south to Crete Dardanelles Strait to the north, and between Greece to the west and Turkey to the east.

The Thracian Sea is the northern part of the Aegean Sea. The regions surrounding the sea are Macedonia and Thrace in Greece and northwestern Turkey. This whole sea is north of the 40th parallel.

Found in Thracian Sea islands such as Thasos and Samothrace in Greece and Bozcaada (Tenedos in Greek) in Turkey.

Rivers flowing into the sea are among others, the Nestos and Evros / Meric.

The northern islands of the Aegean are blessed by nature.
They are a step closer to Turkey close and sweet Oriental light heats their beautiful beaches and numerous relics, witnessed a long history.

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