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Single-hulled pleasure boats are attracting a large community of enthusiasts, in spite of the growing popularity of multi-hull vessels. It must be said all the same that single-hulled craft, which may be either sailing or motor boats, represent two thirds of the global pleasure-boat market.

This type of cruiser makes up what is, in fact, a big family of vessels that can be split into several classes. Motorboats for example, can be divided into two groups: day-cruisers and cabin-cruisers. Sailing boats can themselves be divided into sub-categories: sailing dinghies and keelboats.

Generally, single-keeled boats enjoy mass-appeal and appreciation due to their resemblance to the general conception of a traditional boat. Furthermore, thanks to their seafaring qualities, they adapt better than multihull vessels when faced with different weather conditions or with navigating rough seas.

Additionally, certain families opt to rent single-keeled boats because the narrower width of this type of vessel continues to be an undeniable advantage during peak season in harbours where available moorings are hard to come by.

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