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Racing boat rental

Do you enjoy feeling the sea breeze your hair on-board your boat? Renting a racing boat will certainly be of interest to you! Not only will you be able to sail the seas at full speed, but you'll also have breathtaking views of the paradise islands whose exhilarating scents will tickle your nostrils.

Selection criteria for a competition/regatta boat

Before chartering your racing yacht, it is important to evaluate its performance before setting sail for the turquoise waters of the Caribbean or the warm waters of the Mediterranean. The destination you have chosen, the climate and the distance you plan to travel also count for a lot. These factors will determine the type of boat best suited to your race.

As an example, if you plan to race with friends on seas where the wind is particularly strong, you'll need to opt for a sailing boat that includes the right sail combinations. Generally, boaters like to have sailing boats with two sails to get the most power.

The ideal racing yacht

Many people will tell you, but if you want to rent a racing/regatta boat, the ideal boat is still a non-habitable boat. Equipped with light dinghies and competition multi-hull boats ranging from 4 to 8 metres, this type of boat will perfectly meet your expectations in terms of speed. Of course, catamarans, trimarans and mono-hulls are also recommended for racing fans.

But the choice will be determined by the race you wish to undertake. The same will be true for the rigging that will make up your boat. Then, you will just have to master the techniques and little tricks of sailing in order to transform your race into a real moment of pleasure!

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