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Imperia (Liguria) : What is your kind of boat?

Imperia (Liguria) - our advices for your cruise

Imperia is a city, capital of the homonymous province, Liguria (Italy), bordering the French department of Alpes-Maritimes. Metropolitan area includes 73 000.

The dialects spoken in the province of Imperia are Ligurian intémélien while in town, it is close to Piedmont (to Oneille) and Genoa (Porto Maurizio).

Imperia was formed in 1923 by the union of two cities that had a rather different story, separated by the River Impero (hence the name):

Oneille (Oneglia in Italian), a city in the Middle Ages, which belonged to the Doria and the States of Savoy from 1576, whose language is laced Ligurian Piedmontese.
Port Maurice (Porto Maurizio in Italian), a city founded by the Byzantine Emperor Maurice and whose fate has been closely linked to Genoa.

This is the attachment of the County of Nice in France who did this last city, a capital of province.

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